That Dreaded Cancer Diagnosis

Cancer Diagnosis

That Dreaded Cancer Diagnosis

Cancer is a devastating and debilitating condition. Learning to deal with cancer, whether its to support a loved one or facing a diagnosis, is crucial to living with it. You can never have enough knowledge about the subject, though you might know more than you want to at times. Here are a few ideas to help as you confront it.

Avoiding cancer, in most cases, sounds like something that cannot be done, but by cutting things out of your life that increase your chances you are sure to have a better shot at avoiding the diagnosis. For instance, avoiding all tobacco products is going to help you avoid it. If you have tried and failed… try again until you succeed.

Start a journal.
Sit down each evening and spend a few times expressing your thoughts and feelings in a private journal. Write poetry if it helps you to get these feelings out. Letting them out, even if nobody else knows them, is certain to help you cope with this tough situation.

Give yourself some personal time… at least a couple times a week.
You may have noticed that since your friends and family have found out that you are sick that they want to spend more time with you, but it is alright to want to spend time alone and do absolutely nothing during that time.

Decrease the amount of red (such as lamb, pork, and beef) and processed meats in your diet. Studies have shown that red meat can increase your chances of getting cancer. If you do buy red meat, make sure that it is lean meat. It’s not necessary to remove red meat from your diet, just limit it.

The American Cancer Society recommends that you eat at least 5 servings of fruit and vegetables each and every day as a way of cutting the risk of getting cancer. The nutritional value of these foods can ensure that your immune system remains in top condition and ready to fight off foreign cells if required.

As was stated earlier, it is imperative that you understand cancer, in order to live with it and deal with it. Building your supply of tools and plans for dealing with any adversity that cancer can throw at you, will only benefit you in the long run. Defeating cancer is done with the power of knowledge.

Understand too, that you may have to put some of your personal feelings and opinions aside. Many of your friends and family members will want to support the person with cancer and there will inevitably be disagreements about the best way to do this. Keep things as stress free as possible and take a step back if you need to.

Cancer Treatment Options

The More Common Cancer Treatment Options

Check your available surgical options compared to your chemotherapy options and vice versa when fighting cancer. Maybe surgery can help you to get rid of the cancerous tumor, and/or maybe chemotherapy is your better option. When a doctor suggests one, be sure that you ask about the other. Cover all your bases here.

Watch out for cancer treatment scams!
After being diagnosed with cancer, you may feel desperate to try any treatment you can find. That’s perfectly normal. However, you should be careful and fully research any treatment method you are considering. If a cancer “cure” sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Discuss and research the treatment with a reputable doctor or government agency before deciding on any treatment.